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I'll jot it down later when I get a moment! Oh really?

You have an amazing idea. You have a moment to write it down, but you say to yourself "I'll jot it down when I get time." The day goes on, and life happens. The end of the day comes, then tomorrow begins. Wait. What was I supposed to write down? What was the idea? A lack of immediate action will alter the concept of any idea. If you struggle with doing "now" what you keep putting off to "later", you need to take advantage of this powerful retreat. A simple $35 investment will change the trajectory of your purpose!

Remember, one meal costs $35. A pair of nice shoes cost $35. An eyebrow appointment may cost $35. Two movie tickets are $35. Each of these has to be repeated for continuous excitement. But investing ONE time into a 2-day retreat for $35 will change your life. Choose your next moment and click the link below. You got this!

Ready to build right now? Struggling with areas of procrastination and you need help immediately? Sign up and schedule yourself a slot today!


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